Static Smoke Curtains

Fixed and Static Smoke Curtains are a cost effective and compliant way of separating large, open buildings.

For example:

Static Smoke Curtains are often used in large superstores, factories, warehouses and aircraft hangers.

As a standalone item Static Smoke Curtains can be very simple. As part of an overall strategy they can be part of a much more complex system. For example at British Airways facility in Manchester a strategy identical to the Elite Static Smoke Curtain specification was part of the overall fire strategy together with a system exactly comparable to an Elite Automatic Smoke Curtain and a foam hose installation allowing the barriers to form an integral part of the fire extinguishing equipment as well as forming permanent smoke separation.

Draft curtains and roof vents were developed for fire control in non-sprinkler protected buildings for automatic smoke removal. In buildings with sprinklers, the draft curtains cause the ceiling jet to travel away from the fire, allowing more sprinklers to open, and delaying sprinkler activation to prevent pre-wetting and allowing fire growth
Fire Protection Engineering Magazine.


  • Fail-Safe by Gravity (closes without the need of power)
  • Controlled rate of descent
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Low voltage
  • Spans large clear opening widths and heights continuously
  • Can operate independently from the main fire alarm
  • Push to retract facility
  • Obstruction sensor and voice warning
  • Provides smoke control Reduces radiation (heat transfer)

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