Smoke Seal

The Elite smoke and fire curtains can now be specified with our bespoke Smoke-Seal technology, which is specifically designed to block the passage of smoke through the curtain assembly.

It is re-assuring to know that our Smoke-Seal curtains have undergone rigorous testing by ‘Underwriters Laboratories’ (see below) in the United States and have successfully achieved their ‘S’ designation. The Smoke-Seal system exceeded the stringent UL testing requirements by a factor of 5, demonstrating that Elite Fire Containment Services Ltd via their Smoke and Fire Curtains, are able to supply truly superior products at the cutting edge of the automatic smoke and fire curtain industry.

Smoke-Seal is yet another example of a Elite Fire and Smoke curtain system that out-innovates and out-performs the competition.

Elite Fire Isolation Services Ltd. has all its Fire and Smoke Curtain products fully UL certified, alongside our BS and EN certification. Contact us for more information.

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