Elite Fire Isolation Services Limited are a vibrant UK company who are specialists in Smoke and Fire Containment via their technically advanced, leading edge, automatic gravity-fail-safe, Fire Curtains and Smoke Curtain products. Our Fire Curtains and Smoke Curtain products allow many Professionals involved in building design and construction, such as Architects, Interior Designers, Building Contractors, etc. and all responsible property owners, a real alternative option to conventional fire doors and other traditional methods of fire and or smoke containment, with many advantages.

For example…. The opportunity to open up and improve and or increase the scope of internal design possibilities, creating solutions for cost effective radical property development within the building’s internal space on many levels, including discreet or inconspicuous functionality.

Bespoke Sizing – A Tailored Service

One of the many Commercial benefits of our Elite Fire Curtain range includes the release of additional chargeable floor space as well as the reduction in long term service and maintenance costs. In fact, wherever each Elite Fire Curtain or an Elite Smoke Curtain, placed in a property, gives an assurance in still maintaining building fire and smoke integrity without compromising decor and most importantly of all – protecting life safety.

Elite Fire Isolation Services are able to offer clients looking to purchase any of the Elite automatic Smoke and Fire Curtain range, a fully bespoke sizing service, from as small as 550mm widths, up to 20m widths for Fire Curtains and virtually unlimited widths for Smoke Curtains.

All Elite Smoke and Fire Curtains are fully fire rated, with two versions of our fire rated fabric, either up to 60 minutes at 1000ºC or to 4 hours at a constant 1000ºC. The entire curtain product range can be retro fitted or new build installed, designed to operate independently, can be integrated into existing or new fire alarm systems.

Product Performance

Complete product tested to BS476: Part 20/22, and achieved a rating of DA (1000°C, above 60 minutes). The fabric has a fire propagation index I = 3.2 when tested to BS 476: Part 6. It is therefore rated Class 0 to the UK Building Regulations Approved Document B 1991, the only definitive specification for fire curtains in the world.

We also carry numerous assessments for various sizes of drops and widths; drencher systems, unlimited dimensions etc.

UK, European & US Safety Accredited Products

All of the Elite automatic Smoke and Fire Curtain range are tested and compliant with full British and European safety accreditations including the very latest Standard’s for protecting ‘Means of Escape’.

The entire Elite automatic Smoke and Fire Curtain ranges carry the following certification:

  • BS7346-3: 1990 – This is the old British Standard for smoke curtains and has now been superseded by the BSEN 12101 tests primarily Appendices B, C & D which we carry.
  • BSEN 1364-1 – This is a Standard which requires testing to 1634 for fire integrity which is carried by the Elite Fire Curtain range.
  • BS476 Part 22 – This is the old Fire Integrity Standard, primarily superseded here with the above EN Standard, but still used in parts of the Middle and Far East.
  • NEW PAS121 – This is not a standard or test but a series of recommendations, currently adopted by the London Boroughs of Westminster and The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea (this is shortly to be surpassed by a new British Standard – BS8524 Part 1). It references the above tests which we are pleased to confirm that our Elite EFC240 Fire Curtain is fully compliant and carries the full criteria of the PAS121 as certified by Warrington Fire. Download our test sheet
  • LPS1182 – This is the Loss Prevention Standard which is again a standard not a method of test, it references the tests above which, as we have seen, we carry.
  • AS 1530: Part 4, BS EN 1634 – 1: 2000
    PLUS UL 864, UL 10 C & UL 555

The Elite Fire and Smoke Curtain range are also uniquely and exclusively authorised to carry the UL (Underwriters Laboratory) testing, which allows us to operate anywhere in the USA and those parts of the world which now require this.

About Us

Elite Renewables Ltd are an innovative and future thinking renewable energy company, committed to providing the most affordable, efficient and sustainable solutions to rising energy costs for all types of domestic and commercial buildings.

Being an established company has given us the capacity and expertise to install hundreds of systems to date for a complete range of domestic and commercial applications, from the typical residential property through to bespoke designs both incorporating existing buildings and designing new structures in the domestic sector. In the commercial sector we have installed systems for a variety of organisations from retail properties, schools, churches, agricultural buildings, flats, hotels, offices, libraries and civic buildings.

Experience in Design, Managing and Installing

With extensive experience in designing, managing and installing anything from domestic installations through to in excess of 1.2mw commercial systems and being part of the MCS scheme as well as conforming with the Renewable Energy Associations ‘Consumer Code’, you can rest assured that your installation will be carefully quoted, professionally installed and fully guaranteed with all the documentation and advice you require along the way. Our friendly, professional team at Elite will design a system that will achieve the desirable energy yield, whilst taking financial considerations into account and guide you through product selection, answering any questions you may have.

Trusted Established Specialists

As established specialists in the Renewable industry, we have a select range of tried and tested quality panels and inverters that are appropriate for different types of buildings and applications and will only install products we would be happy to have on our own homes. As such, we have installed solar PV systems on a number of our family and friends homes and businesses to allow us to monitor the performance of a range of chosen panels and inverters, thus enabling us to provide true indications of product performance.

We have a commitment to delivering high standards and quality on all our products and services we offer, contact Elite today about your requirements and speak to one of our friendly team members.

We pride ourselves in a professional, clean and tidy workforce, our friendly approach and customer values are something we entrust in all of our staff members.